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can someone help me here? DREAMWEAVER & MYSQL

hey, can someone help me on this please. I asked my host provider too help me, and obviously, they’re too retarded to know what’s going on! alright lets start.

  • 1. Im using Dreamweaver, and trying to create a php file, which i can use as a login.

  • 2. I set up a BRAND NEW website file, and am trying to set the connections. I’m using local test, cause i have cold fusion.

  • 3. I need to set up my database, so i goto, APPLICATIONS>DATABASE. I do the little + thing, and here is where it starts.

  • 4. On the MySQL Connection Pop Up window, I need to know the following…
    Connection name: (is it anything i want to call the connection?)
    MySQL Server: (is this like localhost, or what do i need)
    Username: (is this the username to my database)
    Password: (obviously, this is attached to my username?)
    Database: (and the database!)
  • Can someone who knows dreamweaver, get me started with this?


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    @NogDogSep 16.2005 — I don't use DW (I just use a text editor), but your guesses sound pretty good to me.
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    @SheldonSep 16.2005 — yep sound good to me too
    $connection_name=mysql_connect ("localhost", "user_name", "password")
    or die
    ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error());
    mysql_select_db ("database_name");
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    @aznchong91Sep 16.2005 — Yep, you should be right. You could also just use mysql_connect as sheldon posted.
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    @ShrineDesignsSep 16.2005 — don't use the dw's built-in "application" junk, learn to do it the right way, it will make things a whole lot easier
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    @JodolioSep 16.2005 — ...there are many. The issue you have is not uncommon and I believe that we have all went through it in the early stages of PHP/MySQL Database creation.

    You can create a simple table offering in a .txt format then go to MyAdmin in your PHP server. If you like I will provide a fast tutorial so that in the future, you have this problem licked!

    Just let me know, I am available all day and may have other solutions for you within Dreamweaver in particular. We are an approved training facility in all Macromedia products and offer short courses online live that may very well be a solution for you in the application itself.


    Jodolio ?


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