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Browser Compatibility

I have two strings of IE code that I can’t find Mozilla equivalents for.

String 1. I need the full page height of the iFrame. Not the screen height. This works in IE but not others.

String 2. Calling a function that’s in the parent window from the child(iFrame) window. Both of these work in IE, but not other browsers.

I know the problem isn’t the function. It’s been tested on all major browsers and works fine.

If anyone has any idea please respond and thank you!

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@nbcrockettauthorAug 08.2005 — Is there anyone who can help me with this question.
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@UltimaterAug 08.2005 — A wild guess (untested):
</i>var sh=(document.body.scrollheight &gt;= document.body.clientHeight)?
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@KravvitzAug 08.2005 — 1) http://www.quirksmode.org/viewport/compatibility.html

2) try it without "window."

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@nbcrockettauthorAug 09.2005 — The function code didn't work and I can't test the height code properly without it. I do have a question about the height code. Is the '?' mark supposed to be there or was that a typo and it should be ';'. Thanks for your suggestions. Do you have any other ideas that might make this work?
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@UltimaterAug 09.2005 — Yes the question mark is supposed to be there. You can put that statement on one line if you wish (doesn't make a difference). I just put it on two so you can see the whole code w/o having to scroll.

Let me show you a simple example using the question mark:
</i>&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
var a=(true)?"yes":"no"
var b=(false)?"yes":"no"


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