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I can’t believe I can’t figure this out

Hey all, I’m new here but not to programming.
A Little about me before I tell you what problems I’m having.
I’m a college Grad of Computer Programming. I have C++, Java, VB, HTML, FLASH, Assembler, QBasic, and SQL. I also have a certificate for computer repair.
Now onto my problem, and I’m kinda embarassed I can’t figure this out with all my Programming I have. The problem I have is none of my Links in my HTML code want to work.
Here is the code I have

[CODE]<A HREF=”res1.htm”><IMG BORDER=”0″ SRC=”ResourcePics/Thumb_res1.jpg”></A>[/CODE]

What I’m doing is making a table with 12 cells for thumb nail images. I already have that done. I have all 12 thumb nail images in the table , but with the code I posted they won’t click proper. I would rather do this with a popup type window, but i never looked into how the code for that would be done, lol. For now i’ll go with a new htm page opening, lol.

I have been doing this for a few years now and have made a few web pages with code very much like this and that’s why i’m scratching my head this time when it won’t work. Puzzles me that when I click the thumbnail image I get nothing at all, it’s like im clicking a link with no HREF at all.

Anyways I hope someone can point out the mistake I’m making. I know it’s something simple I’m over looking and I think it’s probably because of looking at HTML code in notepad for 8 hours a day,lol.


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@graatzJul 07.2005 — There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the code you posted... perhaps there's a problem elsewhere in your page... perhaps an earlier link where the href doesnt have an end quotation? i guess i'd need to see more of the code to tell ya for sure ?
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@drhowarddrfineJul 07.2005 — Run it through the validator.
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@MookersauthorJul 07.2005 — thanks guys, what I did was delete all the code below the table I made and everything was still messed. So then I deleted all the code above the Table and all of a sudden it was fixed. So I CTRL-Z and got all the code back and then slowly deleted little pieces until it worked and I found the error.

This is kinda funny, it was a comment in the code,lol. I knew it would be something stupid I did, lol. I hit enter and had a carrage return and I guess the browser thought it was code to read and messed up all my links since it was at the top, lol.

I guess I should stop being so old school and code in something other then note pad, i'm sure an editor would have picked that up for me right away, lol.

Thanks again for your replys and help!!

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@graatzJul 07.2005 — hey i use notepad, what are you tryin to say?? :p
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@super_code_monkJul 07.2005 — sidenote: instead of using notepad, try Gvim. it can support many different scripting languages.


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