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Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a000d’ – – Please advice on code

Hi guys,

i have this function to save the data in an MS-Database. The function is accessed from the web. In the case where the fields in the table are already empty (NULL), then i get this error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a000d’

Type mismatch: ‘ccur’

/databaseadmin.asp, line 669


here is the code:

Sub SaveRec
‘Save the record to the table’
ChooseSQL “Select * from ” & sTable & ” where(ID=” & sID & “)”
if sID = 0 then
end if

For i = 0 to rs.fields.count – 1
If CBool(rs.fields(i).Attributes And adFldUpdatable) then
‘set the field value’
select case rs.fields(i).type
case adBigInt
rs.fields(i).value = csng(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adBoolean
if trim(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name) = “”) then
rs.fields(i).value = False
rs.fields(i).value = True
end if
case adCurrency
rs.fields(i).value = ccur(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adDate,adDBDate,adDBTime,adDBTimeStamp
rs.fields(i).value = cdate(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adDecimal
rs.fields(i).value = cdec(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adDouble
rs.fields(i).value = cdbl(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adInteger
rs.fields(i).value = cint(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case adSingle
rs.fields(i).value = csng(Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name))
case else
rs.fields(i).value = Request.Form(rs.fields(i).name)
end select
end if
rs.UpdateBatch adAffectAll
Your record has been saved.<BR>
WriteLink “?action=listrec&table=” & sTable,”Click here to continue.”,”<BR>”

End Sub

How can i fix this? The easiest solution would be in case the field is already empty, then go to the next entry of the table

any advice guys?

thanks in advance

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@buntineJul 04.2005 — You need to ensure the value is numeric.
</i>If Not IsNumeric(Request.Form(rs.Fields(i).Name))) Then
' The value is invalid. <br/>
End If

You could also just check if its empty.
</i>If Request.Form(rs.Fields(i).Name)) &lt;&gt; "" Then
'| The value is valid.
End if

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@BullschmidtJul 05.2005 — And here's a related link:

Why do I get errors in the 800A0001 -> 800A000F range?



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