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iframes & tables

how do you set an iframe to fill the remainder of the page? (like the ‘*’ in framesets) and how can you change the hieght/width of a table cell?

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@PeOfEoMay 06.2005 — [COLOR=deeppink]you can say style="height:100%;" or something in an iframe. You can do the same with a table cell. The think about table cells though is they are designed to stretch, so when the contents get bigger than the cell the cell will always stretch. This is one reason why people should not layout their sites with tables.[/COLOR]
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@merkuryoauthorMay 07.2005 — but what if i want to iframes in the page and i have set the first one's height to say.. 100 pixels and i want the other to fill the rest of the page regardless of the client's screen resolution.. how would i do that?


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