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Another IE Bug? (<A> inside of <LI>)

I was playing around with a formatting idea, and for some reason my Navigation links are not recognized by IE6 (tried on WinXP and Win98) as being links, yet work fine in Firefox on both PCs. The HTML and CSS both verify OK at the w3.org validators. Any thoughts?

The page is on-line at [url]http://www.charles-reace.com/testit.html[/url] and has all the CSS within its HEAD section.

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@FangApr 15.2005 — Remove/change the margin(s) in h2
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@NogDogauthorApr 15.2005 — Remove/change the margin(s) in h2[/QUOTE]
Hmmm...interesting. I can get it to work if I get rid of the negative margins. I noticed opening up another page I doodled around with for something else that used negative margins, that it did not display the same in IE. I take it IE is not an entirely happy camper when it comes to dealing with negative margins? (And thanks again for the help.)
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@FangApr 15.2005 — Event firing is different in IE to Moz. Negative margins in one element can overlay another element, thus preventing it firing. Using a z-index can help, but avoiding negative margins is my preferred solution.
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@gizmoApr 16.2005 — I have a similar problem to this http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62308 and the trouble is that IE can't handle floats properly


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