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😡 could someone please tell me how to create Sub-domains, can it be done simply by going in using an ftp program, or can it only be done through the host

yours truly,

incase you need to know, the website is [url]Http://www.hyperionconsulting.com[/url]

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@enderl25Nov 21.2002 — i am not sure what you mean by "go in and use ftp", but... in general, i believe that a subdomain has to be configured through a host.

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@Zach_ElfersNov 22.2002 — A subdomain is a folder within your website which usually contains another index.html file. They should be simple to make, but I don't know your server, so I don't know how to tell you to make one. Sorry!?
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@Dr_5150Nov 22.2002 — A sub domain has to have a dns record setup so browsers can find it.

to make it easy I use http://HostRocket.com for a domain host.

their control panel makes it very easy to set up sub domains.

BTW if you choose to use them as a host tell them I sent you!!

Doug Rasmussen
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@Klyve1Nov 27.2002 — Subdomains are a directory that has the webserver set to access it directly - i.e. forums.webdeveloper.com is a subdomain of webdeveloper.com


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