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table-layout:not fixed ?

Not sure sute if this is a js question but does any one know
what the opposite of table-layout:fixed; is for CSS ?

I am using a class defined in my CSS file as table-layout:fixed; but
for this particular table I want to use the same class but locally un-fix it.

I tried table-layout:variable; but it didn’t work.

Does anyopne know?


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@JonaApr 03.2005 — [font=trebuchet ms]It looks like a CSS question to me. Where is JavaScript involved?

You should be able to override a class by adding an inline style to your table tag, though you should also be able to just remove the [i]class[/i] attribute from your table to solve the problem.[/font]

</i>&lt;table class="tableLayout" style="table-layout: auto"&gt;
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@DaveinLondonauthorApr 04.2005 — The class in my css is callled main.

So to cancel the table-layout:fixed; in my loacl table

I just put <table class = "main" style ="table-layout:auto" >

Is that it ? I was expecting "table-layout:notfixed" or variable.

I'll try it. thanks
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@JonaApr 04.2005 — [font=trebuchet ms]Yes, that should work.[/font]


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