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getting vars across frames

i have two frames on my page. one of them is named “forum” and it has an input field named “name” under a form named “form1”. i’m trying to write the value of “name” on the other frame. I tried


in the other frame but it didnt work. any suggestions?
Also is there any way to execute a function in frame2 that is located in frame1?

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@CharlesMar 25.2005 — [font=monospace] document.write(parent.forum.form1.name.value)[/font]
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@Warren86Mar 25.2005 — "name" is a reserved word. The "name" of the field should be something else.

----------- Frameset ----------------


<frameset rows="80,*" frameborder="yes" border="1" framespacing="0" >

<frame name="forum" scrolling="yes" src="forum.html" >

<frame name="other" scrolling="yes" src="other.html">



----------------- Forum.html --------------



<Form name='form1'>

Some name: <input type=text size=10 name='isName'>




----------- Other.html -----------------



<Script Language=JavaScript>

function getName(){

nameTxt = parent.frames.forum.document.forms.form1.isName.value;
document.getElementById('isName').innerHTML = nameTxt;




<Div id='isName'></Div>

<input type=button value="Write Name Field Here" onclick="getName()">


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@frothauthorMar 26.2005 — hmm... i'm getting a permissions error. is it possible to do this if my "forum" frame's src is remote to the other frame's src?
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@Warren86Mar 26.2005 — No. ALL JavaScript works only with documents that are on the same domain.


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