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Simulating websites OFFLINE

I’m making a website with flash content and want to see how it behaves under real conditions offline. I’m on a limited, dialup connection and don’t want to waste time uploading my website and valuable internet time.

Is there a browser plugin or utility that can display my website as if there was a 56K connection? But without me having to connect to internet?

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@the_treeSep 21.2004 — Hmm don't think so... I suppose you could ask about it in the mozzila forums.
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@AdamGundrySep 21.2004 — ISTR that some of the more recent versions of Flash include a tool which can simulate a low-bandwidth connection, so you can see how fast your .swf files download. Other than that, I'm not aware of such a program.

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@Perfect_SyntaxauthorSep 21.2004 — I found the answer from another forum. This is a crucial tool for any web developer, but nobody seems to know about it:

WebSpeed Simulator



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