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Web Development Authority

Does anybody know who the authorities in web development would be?

Like w3schools or the w3 consortium.

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@NogDogFeb 06.2023 — I think you need to provide your definition of what you mean by "web development authority". (Both "web development" and "authority" can include a lot of things.)
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@gccwebhostingFeb 07.2023 — **Web Development Authority** refers to the level of expertise, skill, and knowledge a web developer or a web development company possesses in creating and maintaining websites. It encompasses various aspects of web development such as design, programming, testing, and deployment. A web development authority is often evaluated by the quality of their work, the complexity of projects they have completed, and the level of client satisfaction they have achieved. The term can also refer to the reputation and credibility a web development entity has established in the industry. A web development authority is considered as a reliable source of information and a trusted partner for businesses looking to create or improve their online presence.

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