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Webpage header won’t stay 100%


Could anyone take a look at the following page and let me know why the header element won’t take the entire width of the screen when I decrease the width (below 360px)? Also, the p element isn’t staying centered, although Flex-center is applied to it.

I’ve tried several fixes from the internet, but without success. I’m guessing it has something to do with the img and the nav inside that header, or maybe the fact I’m using SASS not correctly??? I couldn’t figure it out..


Thanks for the help!


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@SempervivumNov 23.2022 — There is an easy fix for this issue: Apply `overflow: hidden;</C> to <C>section`.

However this would require to go the extra mile and make the image responsive so that it shrinks when the viewport is very narrow.
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@polygonStormauthorNov 25.2022 — @Sempervivum#1648663 Great fix, thanks!

However, a question: when I make the image responsive, and discard overflow: hidden; the problem seems to be solved as well. Could this be coincidence, or is it required to have both overflow: hidden; + responsive img?

Thanks already for your insight.
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@SempervivumNov 26.2022 — Yes, when the image is responsive `overflow: hidden` is obsolete.


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