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Can a company pay Google to change a business listing?

I’m not a professional web developer…it’s just a hobby for me. I’m helping a friend change their hosting. His company is currently paying a company to host his site. He also has an SEO agreement with this same company. His office manager told me that this SEO contract helped his business to directly change the Google search results for his business. It’s complicated??? Please bear with me on this long question!

My friend’s business had joined a partnership with another business, but then they parted. However it seemed that the other business was able to retain all of the Google search engine rights and my friend was unable to separate the name of his business from the former business. Even though they had different business names, addresses, websites, and phone numbers, if someone searched for his name or his business name, his website link still pointed to the other business. This was over a year ago and I remember trying to contact Google to make the listing correct, but it never happened. Then my friend created a SEO contract with the hosting company and the information all changed to the correct information on Google. Is it possible that the company paid Google to change things? Or was it just chance and time for things to be made correct? Or is there another mechanism to do this?

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@JacqualineFeb 09.2022 — No, you don't have to pay google for changing any name or listing you just have to show google that which is your website by doing SEO. You need to make different links indicating the correct address, website link, and business.
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@werisegocFeb 11.2022 — @kenwylie#1642301

**[We Rise GOC](https://werisegoc.com/)** is a rising name in the Real Estate Market. Members of We Rise GOC’s aim to be a recognized leader for innovation and excellence in the Real Estate industry.
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@NiaGreenFeb 15.2022 — Hello, Im searching for similar information. I think that noone can pay google to change anything about own business in internet.
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@ServaapplabsFeb 16.2022 — You don't have to be charged by google for changing business listing. It is free to create business profile on google.
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@farhadmalegamMay 13.2022 — This is a question that many businesses have been asking themselves. The answer is no, Google does not allow companies to pay in order to change the business listing.

When it comes to the ranking of a company, Google takes into account how the company interacts with its customers and how it interacts with other businesses. There are many factors that Google considers before ranking a company.
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@WebllistoJun 22.2022 — @kenwylie#1642301 If you have access on Google My Business then you should update the information which you want to change. You don't have to pay a single amount to Google to update information. You can take help of Google customer care also to update information.
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@johnmith99Jun 24.2022 — recently i found the [iListUGO](https://ilistugo.com/) which provides the free listing, But i am not sure about the second may be its paid.. but at the first i lisit it free and got some point
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@Minesweeper09Jun 27.2022 — Hi, you don't have to pay for it as I know


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