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Modal to show contents of simple web page

Hey, client-side gurus:

I’ve got a PHP app (just for internal use), where I currently provide a link in the output to a log file, so that the user can check when the background process they started has completed (or failed). So, once they click the submit button and it fires things off, I just display a link to the log file on the resulting page:

echo <<<EOD
<p class=’success’>Started file creation. Check <a href=”$log”>the log file</a> for status.</p>

It would be nice to instead just display that log file in a pop-up modal window (maybe an onclick event on that link?), but I’d really hate to “pollute” this simple little HTML form page with loads of JavaScript library code and such. Is there a clean “best practices” way to do this — maybe even just HTML/CSS? — for my poor little server-side-specialist brain to work with? 🙂

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@NogDogauthorAug 25.2021 — May just make it a HTML element that gets populated by an AJAX request.
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@NogDogauthorAug 25.2021 — Yeah, ended up just adding a button with an onclick event to hit that endpoint and display it in a JavaScript alert(). Really all I need for this, so going to close this. :)
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@NogDogauthorAug 25.2021 — {"locked":true}


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