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Arrange files and folders in Sublime Text 3

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know how I can arrange files and folders within Sublime Text 3, so that file links point to the new folder correctly?

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@JanetGarzaJan 02.2021 — Well I have just tried this out in Linux Mint with ST3, and everything behaves as expected. The linked folders correctly appear as real folders in the sidebar and expand to show their files. The indexer also seems to behave correctly across these symlink’d folders as well.

So probably the reason you’re getting no replies is because no-one sees the problem.

If you’re using “old” project files, try a blank sublime window then just dragging the folder in again. Option “follow_symlinks” is specific to folder entries within project files afaik, and the setting won’t be added automatically to old project files, but will with newly created and saved projects.

Failing that, try a virgin, portable copy of ST3. There might be some interference from a plugin or something.
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@changintimesauthorFeb 16.2022 — in the old DreamWeaver web editor, I was able to create a file 7. put five internal links on the page. then move file 7 to a different folder. and all the five links on the page would change so that they were still able to point to the correct files.


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