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changing img size when changing display size

Can someone tell me how can I make that duck , or what ever it is, to resize herself deepening the screen size ?

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@SempervivumJun 16.2019 — With ".img img" you were on the right track already. Reduce the size and everything should be fine:

.img img {
width: 40%;

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@codyhillauthorJun 16.2019 — @Sempervivum#1604821 I will want it to be bigger on larger screen size , I don't know why is not staying in it's own div.
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@SempervivumJun 16.2019 — In my codepen it's growing the bigger the wider the viewport is. In a proportional way, i. e. it's width is always the same percentage of the container. Unsure what your intention is.
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@codyhillauthorJun 16.2019 — @Sempervivum#1604823 I want that img to be 90% of the div it belongs. But If I add .img ing : width 100% is much bigger then the size of the div and bleeds over.
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@SempervivumJun 16.2019 — I see. Going to look into ...
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@SempervivumJun 16.2019 — ... there is a CSS property "object-fit" that enables for expanding an image to the boundaries of it's parent while keeping it's aspect ratio (similar to background-size):



I tried to apply this to your demo, check it this is what you require:

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@codyhillauthorJun 16.2019 — @Sempervivum#1604833 Perfect ! Thanks !
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@KeverJun 16.2019 — You could also lose the image tag and go for a double background. This might be easier to work with, since object-fit doesn't work on a positioned image.
.header-illustration {
background-image: url('images/webmoney_PNG14.png'), url('images/pexels-photo-2439625.jpeg');
width: 100%;
height: 60vh;
background-position: 40% 50%, center;
background-size: auto 40%, cover;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
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@codyhillauthorJun 17.2019 — @Kever#1604838 That's interesting, I did not knew that you can do double bg. But in the main file I want the png img to be positions bottom: 0 and right: 0;
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@KeverJun 17.2019 — You can do multiple background. You put them from top image to bottom image, seperated by a comma.

To position the png image bottom right you would write: background-position: bottom 0 right 0, center;
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@codyhillauthorJun 17.2019 — @Kever#1604888 yeah , but then will position all the background to bottom right 0 . Not that would be a problem in general but I have to use 2 png img and an jpeg.
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@KeverJun 17.2019 — You can use the comma separated pattern for each statement.

background-image: [color=red]url('A')[/color], [color=blue]url('B')[/color], [color=green]url('C')[/color];

background-position: [color=red]40% 50%[/color], [color=blue]center[/color], [color=green]center[/color];

background-size: [color=red]auto 40%[/color], [color=blue]auto[/color], [color=green]cover[/color];

background-repeat: [color=red]no-repeat[/color], [color=blue]repeat-x[/color], [color=green]repeat[/color];
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@codyhillauthorJun 17.2019 — @Kever#1604903 oh ! ok thank !


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