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need logo feedback

Hello! My name is Katherine and I represent Personal Money Service. Our Company helps customers find reliable loan lenders, as we try to match them. Anyway, I’m not going to promote the company here. I need your feedback. Here is a logo of our service

and [URL=”http://personalmoneyservice.com/”]our website[/URL].
Please write your feedback. Do you find the logo a notable one? Is the website easy to use? Thanks in advance!

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@kattyjackJun 03.2022 — It is good when there is an opportunity to save money, especially if you do not own large funds. I often encounter similar situations, but [Easy qualify money](https://easyqualifymoney.com/24-hour-payday-loans.php) helps me a lot because there I will never get a refusal, even in a difficult and emergency situation. Anything happens in life and a situation can happen when you need a loan but keep getting declined. In this case, it is very important not to lose self-control but to take decisive action.


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