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Firefox fires on choose, not on change

Consider this:

[CODE]<input type=”file” id=”filePicker”>
document.getElementById(‘filePicker’).onchange = function() {

Even if you choose the same file and the [FONT=Verdana]filePicker[/FONT] value doesn’t change, you’ll see the alert box in Firefox. Any solutions?

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@benmartin101Dec 14.2015 — try:


Edit: nevermind, I didn't read your question correctly.
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@xelawhoDec 17.2015 — I guess you would have to maintain a reference to a file that has already been chosen (if one exists) and if they choose the same one again do (or not do) whatever it is that you had in mind
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@dan12345Dec 17.2015 — Worked in jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/ktyb4n63/7/embedded/result/

i have an older version of firefox though


var lastFile = "";
var file;
//var fileOpenPicker = new Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker();

//file = document.getElementById('filePicker');
//var f = new file(document.getElementById('filePicker'));
var filePicker = document.getElementById('filePicker');
filePicker.onchange = function() {
//ile = document.getElementById('filePicker').value;
file = filePicker.value;

if( !(file === lastFile))


lastFile = file;


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@Rain_LoverauthorDec 17.2015 — Yes, it works. Thanks!


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