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Software/programming language for development of business management software website

‘m currently a master degree student in Europe, in my final year and I need to develop an application for my dissertation thesis.

I was thinking to develop a cloud business management app, something like netsuite.com solution(to give you an example).

I want my app to support Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Procurement, Order and Billing Management, Customer Service Management etc.. Also I will have an heuristic algorithm to optimize the delivery routes for the clients. Besides that I need to create an administration module so that an administrator can create users and give them different permissions based on their department in which they work. Every user will have their custom dashboard with KPI’s and a Menu where they will select their transactions etc…

I did something similar in Windows Forms using C# and Visual Studio with a Windows SQL Server database, but now I want to develop a cloud/saas application. It is not mandatory to reuse the code from my previous app.

I know to code in C, C++, C#. I have very good knowledge regarding OOP, memory management etc.. I don’t know or I have little knowledge in PHP,Javascript,Java, HTML, CSS etc…

I need some suggestions regarding what programming/scripting language to use for developing my app.

I was thinking to use PHP with an Apache server and an Oracle database. My objectives are to have miniumum deployment costs, so that if i will have a client for my solution, the price will be low.

First I need to design my website and I don’t know which software to use for that, after i do that I need to code the interraction.

My questions are:
Can you recommend me a list of tools to create this web application ?

What software should I use to create the design for my website ?
Whay eclipse addons you recommend me ?

Can I create this app using only php, or should I also use Java/C# ?
Can you recommend me some books or learning material for what I want to develop ?
What are the best-practices in developing an application like the one i want to create ?

Thank you.

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@NogDogDec 14.2015 — You would normally use only one server-side language, so I'd pick just one of PHP, Java, or C#/.NET (or Ruby/Rails, or Python/Django, and so on). Not sure if you can use C# in an open-source manner? If not, you might want to cross that off your list if cost is an issue. Likewise, Oracle may not be freely available, so I'd lean toward MySQL or PostgreSQL for the DBMS. (For that matter, using the "right" database extensions and such in your programming language (and framework) of choice, you can probably make the code relatively DBMS-agnostic, allowing you to deploy with one of several different DB options.)

Whatever you choose for the server side, you'll certainly need HTML and CSS, and pretty much every modern, non-trivial web app uses JavaScript (and often along side of some JS framework) to enhance the user experience.
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@annie59Nov 17.2022 — Before choosing a software development company for your firm, you should know what the primary role of a software development company is.
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@sibertNov 17.2022 — 7 YEARS LATER - Closing!
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@sibertNov 17.2022 — {"locked":true}


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