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PHP 7.0.0 released, old MySQL extension is gone

[URL=”http://php.net/archive/2015.php#id2015-12-03-1″]PHP 7.0.0 released[/URL]

If anyone is still using the old mysql_*() functions, please just stop now and switch to either the mysql[b]i[/b] extension or the PDO extension, either of which allows you to use prepared statements with bound parameters so you no longer have to (forget to) use mysql_real_escape_string().

[url=http://php.net/manual/en/migration70.removed-exts-sapis.php]Removed extensions and SAPIs in PHP 7[/url]

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@ccrandallDec 06.2015 — question is this going to effect my current server if I don't upgrade it? I have xampp with php 5.6.3 (wow didn't realize I was that far behind lol). or is it only going to effect anything run on a new server (meaning I have time to go through ten's of thousands of lines of code to correct this before installing an updated php server).
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@NogDogauthorDec 06.2015 — Until you actually upgrade to 7, no, it won't really matter. I'm just hoping this is impetus for all those [i]still[/i] using the old mysql extension, which has been deprecated for years, to finally start upgrading.

You're not actually far behind: there never was an actual PHP 6. While there were plans for it, they decided to just keep incrementally upgrading 5. I guess because there was some development work done under the name of PHP 6, they decided to make this major release 7 in order to avoid confusion with it -- thus adding confusion of a different sort. ?


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