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Swap Content Script not working in IE

I used the below js to create a hidden tab page. It works great in safari and firefox but not working in IE. Anyone can help with getting it to work on IE will be great. Thx.

[CODE]function hideswapcontent () {
var divs=document.getElementById(‘swapcontent’).getElementsByTagName(‘div’);
for (j=0; j<divs.length; j++) {
var rE = new RegExp(“(^|\s)” + ‘story’ + “(\s|$)”);
if (rE.test(divs[j].className)) {
var buttons=document.getElementById(‘buttons’).getElementsByTagName(‘a’);
for (k=0; k<buttons.length; k++) { // loop throught the buttons and remove the ‘current’ class
var li=buttons[k].parentNode;
li.className=li.className.replace(new RegExp(“current”+”\b”), “”);

function swapcontent(first) {
var buttons=document.getElementById(‘buttons’).getElementsByTagName(‘a’);
for (i=0; i<buttons.length; i++) {
buttons[i].onclick=function() {
var thestory=(this.href).split(“#”,2)[1];
var currCenter = map.getCenter();
google.maps.event.trigger(map, ‘resize’);
this.parentNode.className+=” current”; // set the ‘current’ class to the clicked button
return false;
if (first) {
var firstone=document.getElementById(‘swapcontent’).firstChild;
if (firstone.nodeType != 1) {firstone = firstone.nextSibling;}
var firstbutton=document.getElementById(‘buttons’).lastChild;
if (firstbutton.nodeType != 1) {firstbutton = firstbutton.previousSibling;}
firstbutton.className+=” current”; // set the ‘current’ class to the first button


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