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finding average and saving it for form

Hey what’s up everybody im new here an i’m wondering if anyone would know how to help me figure out my problem. i have this 15 page quiz i guess and i’ve got all of these radio buttons that are valued 5 to 1 and i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to save it and make them all average out on the last page???


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@crh3675Jan 27.2004 — You will need to post the data from page to page using the GET method. On each subseqeunt page, place the previously entered values into form HIDDEN fields. On the last page, simpyly request all the variables from the server.

Now, if you do not have a server-side language (ASP, PHP, etc...) then you will need to Javascript the entire thing (which is not really recommended).
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@PeOfEoJan 27.2004 — If you possibly can you should definatly use a server side language. You have more options then the one above though, you can pass data in query strings (not as secure), the session state, cookies, and if you are using asp.net you can also use cache, context, and viewstate.


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