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landscape in FireFox Using javascript

Hi guys,

I am trying make Landscape as the default page orientation in my application.

We are using FireFox 3.6.

I have tried this one (using CSS);

<body style=”size:landscape”>

But this is not working…..Still i am getting the print in Portrait.

So i decided to use java script.

could somebody help me on this?

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@FangSep 10.2010 — [CODE]<style type="text/css">
@page {
size: landscape;
Not supported in all browsers
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@subbukumararajaauthorSep 10.2010 — Hi Friend

I have tried that also and that didnt' work.

that's why i thought of doing that in JavaScript.

Could you please provide some java script to achieve that in FireFox?
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@FangSep 11.2010 — Brings up the print preview window[CODE]window.print()[/CODE]


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