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[RESOLVED] Won’t "include" function work with absolute URLs?

Hi guys,

I have discovered in my code that though this line works:


this line does not:


Any reason for this? Or could I be doing something wrong? I have verified that the second URL is indeed correct.

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@remaeisJul 27.2010 — php can not call file over URL, coz its server side....you should try like: /home/users/web/b768/moo....... you should know this path from your hosting server
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@Mr__BagginsauthorJul 27.2010 — remaeis,

So [I]that's[/I] it. Thanks a lot for the information and your time!
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@remaeisJul 27.2010 — n.p. - am not 100% sure, but i have some problems using url in PHP in script for upload, and with full path (that server can read)...it works fine ?
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@remaeisJul 27.2010 — btw.... if you need traffic for your website, feel free to use my service:


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