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I can’t embed the following flash file:
[URL=”http://mori79.webs.com/menu.swf”]http://mori79.webs.com/menu.swf [/URL]

I use both embed and object tags. However, the menu links don’t work.
I’ve already experienced the same problem with some other flash files that include links and buttons asking the user to click (interactive flash).

Thanks in advance for any instruction!
Rain Lover

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@Eye_for_VideoJul 12.2010 — Your method of embedding has nothing to do with the links inside the .swf. Embedding is just a term used to mean placing the .swf on a web page. Your .swf is a self contained menu that may or may not have actual links attached to the words on the menu.

First, test the menu in Flash, Control Enter, to preview. All the linking action will need to be set in the Flash actionscript, which has nothing to do with the embedding HTML.

Best wishes,

Eye for Video



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