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Hi, I have a strange problem:
I use a log in field that is opened with javascript on my page, [url]www.eSpindle.org[/url]. One of my visitors can not get this to open at all. Her Javascript is enabled, and she can see other javascript elements, like the mouseover-popups in the lower part of the page.
What else could be preventing the fields from appearing? They’re not popups, so popup blockers and filters should not really bother this, hm?

Has somebody else had occurrences where Javascript works in some parts, but not everywhere? Since I don’t have the slightest idea what may be causing this, I can’t reproduce it locally, and don’t know how to fix this for her.
She’s using Internet Explorer…

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@Syphon101Mar 21.2009 — Could it be the version of IE she is using ?


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