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What do "=>" and "->" mean?

I’ve started learning PHP, and I have run across these (operators???) before, but never an explanation of them. I have tried to search for them, but they always return no results, because they can’t be used as keywords, apparently. Anyway, I’ve seen them in the context,

[CODE]Array([0]=>1, [1]=>3)[/CODE]



I guess by the context that => is sort of like a literal, =, but why not use =??? And -> I’m guessing is a way of applying a method to an object? Anyway, could someone explain this to a newbie? Thanks!

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@DahwanFeb 06.2009 — The -> operator accesses the fields of an instanced class. Here is an example.
$fckEditor = new FCKeditor('FCKeditor1');
$fckEditor-&gt;BasePath = "/fckeditor/";
$fckEditor-&gt;Value = 'Hi, this is an &lt;b&gt;Example&lt;/b&gt;';
$fckEditor-&gt;Height = 400;
$fckEditor-&gt;ToolbarSet = 'MySet';
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@NogDogFeb 06.2009 — "->", as referred to above, is used in object-oriented PHP code to specify that the expression on the right is a member of the object on the left. If you know JavaScript, it is essentially the same as the "." operator in JS, such as in "document.write();".

"=>" is used in certain array-related constructs to specify an array index on the left and its value on the right, such as in:
$myArray = array(1 => 'one', 'name' => 'Bob');
foreach($myArray as $key => $value)
echo "$key = $value<br />n";
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@jamesbcox1980authorFeb 06.2009 — Great! Thanks to both of you, especially NogDog! Javascript I understand perfectly. And the array thing makes much more sense now. I guess that is more necessary when you're not setting an array starting at the first field. Thanks guys!


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