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A Few Questions

I’m Pretty much just starting with php. I have always used html, but since the project im working on is a lot larger than just a few templates made in photoshop, I need to use a different system that allows for a more dynamic setting in terms of adding data.

What I’m working on right now is going to be a lengthy project. Going to be creating a free image hosting service, free email, game code database, game review and discussion forum, and later on down the line, web designs. I already have what i need for the email and forums.

I’m trying to setup the mainpage to use some sort of CMS to navigate through all of my pages. And im trying to organise it this way:

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    Users Must register and login before they can upload images

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    Able to set quotia limit for uploads

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    Able to set file type

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    Able to set limit in size

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    All pages that require login (including forum), use the same users

    What do you think would be the best way to accomplish this? In addition, what do you think would be the best way to have a game code database without having to type all of the codes and pages by hand (unless thats the only way)?

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    @pyroOct 15.2003 — All of that can be done with a fair amount of ease using PHP and MySQL. I'd use the MySQL DB to keep track of users (and perhaps a lising of the uploaded files, if needed) and PHP functions to manage the rest. Uploading an image in PHP is a fairly easy task, and the PHP manual contains a section regarding [URL=http://us4.php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.php]Handling file uploads[/URL].

    As far as having a "game code database" -- I'm not sure what you mean. Could you reiterate?
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    @GrimShadowauthorOct 15.2003 — Yea, i meant using mysql for the users, i should have stated that.

    As for the gaming section, i meant having something like www.gamewinners.com , www.gamefaqs.com , etc.

    And do you know of any place i could read about managing the integrating the forum user database with the image hosting? Also what im in the middle of searching for a good cms, do you know of any?
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    @pyroOct 15.2003 — Integrating the forums users with the image hosting is going to depend on which forums you use. Shouldn't be overly hard, if you are at all familiar with MySQL.

    As far as a CMS, you might want to take a look at [URL=http://phpnuke.org/]PHP-Nuke[/URL], though I'm sure there are many others that would also be good.
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    @GrimShadowauthorOct 15.2003 — the forum system i am using right now is ipb. as for using mysql, i havent done to much with that. Though i learn quickly when given the right start. I looked at the php manual, found a couple of helpful parts, but it seems there are a lot of strictly installation sections.
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    @eomerOct 15.2003 — I have never personally used ipb, however if it follows the way most of them do you will find a table with a username and password (the username could be the email address). From there you could do mutiple things. Either you could create a new table that matches the other one, and then update the two tables. Personally I think this is a very bad idea, why reinvent the wheel. The other way would be to simply use that table for any other parts of the web site you want to add.

    As far as mysql, very simple. The main thing is that you have to learn sql if you don't know it already. You can use the [URL=http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/index.html]mysql manual[/URL]. However, I strongly caution you make sure that this matches your version of mysql.

    CMS...there are a number of open source things like php nuke and others. Most of these are at http://sourceforge.net. Another thing you could do is write it yourself. Esp. if you want something simple like updated news are updated text in different areas etc. One of the books I love (besides the manuals ? ) would be Jay Greenspan's and Brad Bulger's book .[I]MySQL/PHP Database Applications[/I]. Good book, he even gives examples of guest books, content mangement system (simple), and lots of stuff. If you can get your hands on...do it.

    PHP is very versatile. It allows for sys admins to the main language functions and leave off possible "unnecessary" functions. Now of course all of these can be installed, but you would have to speak to whoever manages your system (unless of course that's you ?). It's not really strictly installation it's just informing you of what you need installed to run blah function the way that you want.


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