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Disable Save Image

I’ve got a website that has a photographers images on it. The photographer obviously doesn’t want them downloaded and distributed across the internet. I know there are ways to disable the ability to right click and save the image. However, if any of you are familiar with the Web Developer Toolbar Add-On for Firefox you might know that you can view all the images for the page in a new window. By viewing them in the new window you completely override the code that stops the user from saving the images. Is there anyway to truely stop people from getting hold of the images?

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@Declan1991Jul 15.2008 — No. Whatever you do, it's downloadable. You can watermark them, but that's all.
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@222444Jul 15.2008 — At worst you could take a screenshot of the screen which would still give you a good image..
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@felgallJul 16.2008 — Browsers download the images in order to display them. If they can't be downloaded then they can't be seen.

The most effective protection is to watermark the image and then lower the resolution as much as possible so as to ensure that if someone edits the image to remove the watermark that the resolution drops so low as to make the image unusable and if they use the image without removing the watermark they advertise who they stole it from.
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@Compguy_PeteJul 16.2008 — certainly read the link above but look at what stock photo sites do... they have a very small sample without a watermark and a larger image with a watermark.

if you were to use flash that would give you a bit more protection... but consider that any method you use is only going to keep an honest person honest.

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