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I need some help i have only taken up webdesigning not long ago and i am having problems putting images on my website the code i have been using is:

<IMG SRC=”C:My DocumentsMy Picturesonebyone.gif” align=”center”>

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@Zach_ElfersNov 21.2002 — The problem with that is you are linking the image from your C drive. No visitors to your page will be able to view it. What you need to do is Upload the image to your site. After it is on the web, change the src part of the img tag to what your image is. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. If not, tell me what the image is named on the web and I will put it together for you.?
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@Zach_ElfersNov 21.2002 — [i]Originally posted by lcole [/i]

[B]Hi Denzil,

The path to your image is pointing to your own system. You need to change it so that it points to the location of the images in your web space.

For example, if your document is in your root directory and your images are in an images folder in the root directory, you would use this:

<img src="/images/onebyone.gif" height="n" width="n" alt="alternative text> (n= the actual height and width of your image). [/B]

Sorry, I didn't realize you had already posted. Sorry!


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