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converting php to pdf


Can somebody give me an idea how can I actually convert a web page content (content fetch from MySQL db – with while loop) to a pdf file?

I found fpdf but it doesnt seem to work. Anyone has experience creating pdf file by using MYSQL PHP ?

p.s = content consists of image and text

please advise.. thanks

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@TheRaveFeb 15.2008 — The standard method is to use PHP's PDFlib.

Just google PHP PDFLib and there's loads of information.
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@AliciaauthorFeb 15.2008 — i know phplib can be used but we have to pay for that right ? I am looking for somethng that we dont have to pay to use,,

any advice or tutorial that you can recommend ?

p.s : I did google any keyphrase I could to get more information but found nothing useful.. thats y I am here to ask.. hopefully some experts can assist =)
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@the-ferretFeb 15.2008 — TCPDF is an Open Source PHP class for generating PDF files on-the-fly without requiring external extensions.

TCPDF has been originally derived from the FPDF class by Olivier Plathey (http://www.fpdf.org)">http://www.fpdf.org).

I have not used it but sounds like what you need.


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