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I’ve got a select statement that can have an ampersand and apostrophy used in it. As you all know this wreaks havic on the select statement. My question is how do you get around this? If you know of other characters to be careful of please add them.

strSelect = “SELECT * FROM Table WHERE MyField LIKE ‘a&m'”
strSelect = “SELECT * FROM Table WHERE MyField LIKE ‘m’s'”

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@KDLAFeb 12.2008 — Have you tried using the ASCII equivalents of these?

& amp; for ampersand

& #8217; for apostrophe
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@nbcrockettauthorFeb 12.2008 — Doesn't work.
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@KDLAFeb 12.2008 — Well, it was work a try.
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@nbcrockettauthorFeb 12.2008 — Thanks, if you or anyone else thinks of another possiblity let me know.
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@nbcrockettauthorFeb 13.2008 — Ok, I figured out that to get an apostrophe to work I have to use the code below. I still need to know how to get an ampersand to work. Any ideas?
[CODE]Replace(strMyString, "'", "''")[/CODE]
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@StaceyBMar 06.2008 — Hi. Did you ever figure this out? If so, maybe you can assist me in using the LIKE statement with variables? http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=175460&highligh
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@itHighway2007Mar 09.2008 — To write text with apostrophe into database I alwasy used following function:

Private function sqlstr(the_value)

dim stempstr

stempstr = "" & the_value

stempstr = replace(stempstr, "'", "''")

sqlstr = "'" & stempstr & "'"

end function[/QUOTE]


sSQL = "INSER INTO tblUser (Id, Comments) VALUES (1, "&sqlstr(txtComments)&")"


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