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countdown clock


i dont know if this is the right board of if it should be in php/javascript since ive seen these made in php also, but here goes.

I wonder if someone knows where i can get a countdown script for 24hours, or how one can be made? basiclly what i need is, when 24hours of the set time has run, it resets to 0 and begins to count down from 24hours again… like if i put it on 09:00 it should start counting down from there and reset when it reach the same time again the next day and start over…

thanks in advance.

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@CentauriDec 11.2007 — Maybe this could be useful to you.
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@evaniaauthorDec 11.2007 — i dont se how i can make that count down from 09:00 to 09:00 then reset after 24hours and do the same again :/


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