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Passing a variable to an array

I’m trying to pass a variable to a function to create an array via an onclick event. Everything works except for this line “arrSortBy = new Array(b);”. It works if I manually plug in the correct values (i.e. arrSortBy = new Array(“One”,”Two”,”Three”); ), but the values change from page to page so I need to pass a variable instead of having static code. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Here’s my code.

function cmdClearSortBy(a){
var b = a.replace(/,/g, “”,””);
b = “”” + b + “””;
arrSortBy = new Array(b);
var m;
var n;
m = arrSortBy[i] + “ASC”;
n = arrSortBy[i] + “DESC”;
document.getElementById(m).src = “../Images/down_arrow_grey.gif”;
document.getElementById(n).src = “../Images/up_arrow_grey.gif”;
var x = document.forms.PURLHits;
x.txtSortBy.value = “”;


<input type=”button” name=”ClearSortBy” value=”Clear” onclick=”cmdClearSortBy(‘One,Two,Three’)” tabindex=”7″>

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@JMRKERMay 21.2007 — Try passing the array instead of the string version of the array.

See example here.
<title>Array Sort</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function sortArray(arr) {
return arr.sort();
// note sort can be changed for numeric sorts as well
// or reverse order sorts or case-insensitive sorts, etc.
function sortTArea() {
var A_Arr = new Array();
var tmp = document.getElementById('TArea').value;
tmp = tmp.replace(/n/g,' '); // incase user used RETURN as seperator
// could also check for ',' separator or '|' or '?', etc.
tmp = tmp.replace(/s+/g,' '); // remove multiple space separators
A_Arr = tmp.split(' ');
var B_Arr = new Array();
B_Arr = sortArray(A_Arr); // --- HERE IS CRUX OF EXAMPLE ---
var msg = ''
for (var i=0; i<B_Arr.length; i++) { msg += B_Arr[i]+"n"; }
document.getElementById('sortedTArea').value = msg;
<textarea id="TArea" rows="20">z y x c b a</textarea>
<button onClick="sortTArea()">Sort</button>
<textarea id="sortedTArea" rows="20"></textarea>

Note comment in middle of 'sortTArea()' example setup.

Does not do much, but does show concept.

Modify as needed for your application.


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