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Choosing affiliate program

Being an affiliate program, it is our prime interest to know what affiliates really want when they join one or another.
Can you name what is most important for you? What is on first place? Commission rate? Payment schedule? Credibility of the program? Conversion rate? Promoted brand?
Best regards, Seopharmacy

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@SeopharmacyauthorApr 28.2007 — Any opinions?
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@innomindsMay 05.2007 — For me its credibility of the program.
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@akdiverMay 10.2007 — For me its credibility. You can usually build trust by using a third party for payment. currently i use clixgalore as the webmaster cant advertise without having a certain amount of money in an account for clix to pay affiliates. After i know its legit without out a doubt conversion rates than comission size. Hope that helps


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