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[RESOLVED] Not working in IE

Can anyone tell me why this isn’t working in IE.

function cmdHide(x){
var a = “Row” + x
var b = “Image” + x

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@mrhooApr 23.2007 — document.getElementById(a).style.display="table-row"

one of IE's stumbles is css display properties.

you are pretty much stuck with none, block, inline and inherit.

You should be able to set an element.style.display='' to remove the 'none' and use whatever the browser has for a default table display.

Just don't override the default with tr{display:none} in a style sheet.
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@vijirubaApr 23.2007 — [CODE]
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@rootApr 23.2007 — Also, it would be more tidy if you only requested the document element once...

function cmdHide(x){

var a = "Row" + x;

var b = "Image" + x;







// do something else...



is allot easier to read, you grab all the data you need in one object variable and then access the properties far quicker as your not having the function search the document nodes which people dont understand that in a simple form can be as many as 140 objects... so looking on a document.body could be thousands of nodes to search, speed up things by creating an object reference to the item directly or use direct references to the document element you want to grab or make a change in.
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@nbcrockettauthorApr 23.2007 — Thanks guys, I was able to get it working.


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