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Another download question

I want to provide for a download of a pdf file. What is the mechanism that provides this ability?

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@KeveyMar 06.2007 — This will open the file when they click the link:
[CODE]<a href="http://yoursite.com/yourfile.pdf">Download this file</a>[/CODE]

If the person wants to actually download the file without opening it they would right click the link and save it... Save link as (Firefox) or Save target as (IE)
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@PittsburghRedauthorMar 07.2007 — This did not work for me. The screen was blank. I did not try the right click yet. When I look at the source code of pages that offer a download, I see the users afffirmative option calls a cgi script. I am assuming to offer a download requires a cgi script? And I should seek such a script?
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@PittsburghRedauthorMar 07.2007 — OK. Problem solved. I found a simple PHP script that provides for a simple download. Worked first time ... miracle.


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