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[RESOLVED] Delete all Records in Recordset

Is there an easy way to delete all the records in a recordset? I know this code, but it will only delete the current record that you’re at. Thanks!


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@gil_davisJan 17.2007 — <i>
</i>rsRecordset.Execute("DELETE * FROM tblname")
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@nbcrockettauthorJan 17.2007 — Is there a way to do it with an already open recordset?
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@gil_davisJan 17.2007 — Huh?

Just change "SELECT" to "DELETE" in the querystring and execute the query.
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@nbcrockettauthorJan 17.2007 — I can't do that. I'm using the data in the recordset for something. Once I've used the data in the recordset I want to delete it. Should I just close the recordset then reopen it using DELETE instead of SELECT? I'd rather not, I've already got a dozen recordsets opening and closing on this page.
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@gil_davisJan 17.2007 — Well, all I can say to that is "timing is everything", isn't it?

Looks like your choice is to delete as you use it or wait until you are done and delete it all. Are you looking for something else?
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@nbcrockettauthorJan 17.2007 — No, I think that gives me my answer, thanks!


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