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checking an images size (in KB)

I have a form which uploads files.
I want a way to make sure the file uploaded (first off is an image, so should I make sure the file type is either: gif, jpg, bmp, png, tiff ..) is less than (say… 50K? and is between 200 X 200px and 800 X 1000px?
How do I perform these checks so that if 1 file upload is buggy, the user can simply replace the file untill all is ok and the form is submitted?

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@OverstatementDec 30.2006 — I'm going to go out on a limb and say any solution (assuming there is one)would require the user to agree to run your script which is really annoying. Maybe a serverside script would be able to check the header of your image file before the whole file is sent, giving you the chance to cancel the upload.
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@KorDec 30.2006 — A server-side solution (php, asp...) is to be used. javascript is a client-side language thus it can not detect the size of an upload file.


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