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orange text boxes?

On a Windows XP system why do some text boxes show up with an orange background instead of white.

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@ray326Dec 07.2006 — I think it has to do with auto fill.
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@_Aerospace_Eng_Dec 07.2006 — More specifically the Google Toolbar.
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@nbcrockettauthorDec 08.2006 — I've got quite a few webpages with forms and some are ok while others aren't. The ones that aren't have some text boxes with white backgrounds and some with orange backgrounds. The settings aren't different between the two.
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@ray326Dec 08.2006 — Check the names.
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@nbcrockettauthorDec 08.2006 — What about the names should I be looking for?
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@Elmo3883Dec 09.2006 — The part with a ****ed up Color Code
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@ray326Dec 09.2006 — The names of the inputs. Look for correlations between names and box color.
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@nbcrockettauthorDec 10.2006 — There's no color assigned to these text boxes and their names are things like "txtPhone1" and "txtEmailAddress".
<input type="text" name="txtPhone1" size="3" maxlength="3" tabindex="5">
<input type="text" name="txtEmailAddress" size="25" maxlength="50" tabindex="11">
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@_Aerospace_Eng_Dec 10.2006 — Because they have common phrases in them the toolbar tries to fill them. Things like name, email, phone are phrases the toolbar looks for. If it finds them it will highlight them. If you make the names of your inputs more unique then they won't get highlighted for example these won't get filled in
&lt;input type="text" name="txtPh1" size="3" maxlength="3" tabindex="5"&gt;
&lt;input type="text" name="txtEA" size="25" maxlength="50" tabindex="11"&gt;
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@nbcrockettauthorDec 11.2006 — I use the same names on all my pages and different ones show up orange on other pages. If I go to another computer the ones that were orange on mine aren't on the other. Is it just a random fluke that it recoginizes these as common phrases? Is there a list anywhere that tells you what these common phrases are?


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