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Screen width/resolution

Is there a way to find out the clients screen width and screen resolution?

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@dthurman1432Jun 28.2006 — you can use a redirect such as:


var w = document.body.clientWidth;
if (w >= 650)
window.location.href = "bigscreen.asp";
window.location.href = "smallscreen.asp";

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@nbcrockettauthorJun 28.2006 — Do you know of a vbscript version for that code and one that might give me their exact resolution. If not thanks this will give me something to work with. I'm guessing that to determine height you use clientHeight instead of clientWidth?
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@buntineJun 29.2006 — Such information is not passed to the server via a page request. Certain external components (BrowserHawk) use some client-side method to determine resolution settings and repost the data to the server.

Basically, there is no server-side (ASP) equivelant. You will need some type of client-side processing.



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