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Website assistance

I am looking for assistance in building and designing a website that is used for data input. I have a basic design for the website already created, but am unsure how to add a spreadsheet type style to the user pages. Advice on this would be greatly appreciated. If somebody would want to partner with me on this project, I am open to that idea as well, as I am not proficient in web development, but do have ideas as to how this could be profitable in my place of business.

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@mcDec 20.2022 — Not completely sure what you're asking, but from my understanding, you want to add a spreadsheet-like editor?

Not something I've ever used, but you can look into these two libraries for helping you create an excel-like online editor.

- https://react-datasheet-grid.netlify.app
- https://reactgrid.com

That being said, I'm not looking to partner up on anything these days.

Best of luck, though!


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