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IT Pro needed to venture in AI Based Betting App & Website

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Oct 10.2022

Hello everyone, I’m looking for the best and brightest IT pro in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (algorithms) community to be the lead developer in a betting company. The ideal candidate would have at least several years of software/mobile application development, web  development and android platform experience, having built applications from the ground up. A solid understanding of software architecture is a must. Experience in a young company environment is a plus, or just being super hard working, self-motivated, and creative individual.

Compensation can be in form of equity or a contract paid on finished work, or somewhere in-between.

If interested, please send your response to the following questions to vipsportscare at gmail dot com

1) What are your qualifications for this position?

2) What interests you about betting?

3) Are you conversant with algorithms?

From there, we can talk about things like compensation and references and I can answer your questions as well. Thanks in advance to any Interested parties. If anyone knows another good place to recruit, I am all ears.

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@LoverboyloveFeb 08.2023 — Go try Microsoft azure very easy
@jomaxoauthorOkayFeb 09.2023
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@LoverboyloveMar 04.2023 — ❤️❤️❤️


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