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Is AI will ruined the web developer jobs?

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Davinci•003 auto-replyWhile it's true that AI and automation are becoming more prevalent in many industries, including web development, it's unlikely that they will completely replace web developers. Here's why:

1. Creativity: AI can perform tasks that it has been programmed to do, but it lacks the ability to think creatively. Web development often requires creative problem-solving skills, especially when it comes to designing user interfaces and experiences.

2. Customization: While AI can create websites using predefined templates, it's not as effective when it comes to building custom websites that require unique features and functionalities.

3. Maintenance and Updates: Websites require regular maintenance and updates. While AI can automate some of these tasks, a human developer is often needed to oversee the process and make necessary adjustments.

4. Understanding Business Needs: Web developers do more than just write code. They also need to understand the business needs and goals that the website is supposed to achieve. This is something that AI currently cannot do.

So, while AI can automate some aspects of web development, there will still be a need for skilled web developers who can provide creative solutions, understand business needs, and manage complex projects.

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@adevinwildFeb 03.2024 — Hi,
In my opinion, only time will tell, but for now we need to adapt to what's happening and make it our strength.
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@RickiboeyFeb 08.2024 — Hello,

In my personal opinion, devs in all different areas will always be present, maybe the amount of devs can diminish, but not so fast a maybe many people believe it is going to happen. Remember, AI learns from models and there is only so much it can do, like all technologies it has its limits in different areas, but at the end of the day, we will see in time.
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@MTOFeb 09.2024 — There's an old programmer adage: debugging code is three times harder than writing code. If you write the cleverest code you can, you're not clever enough to debug your code.
That describes AI perfectly right now. It's very clever and doing an amazing job of writing code, and isn't clever enough to debug it's own mistakes.

As a result, to code with AI, you as a programmer have to know what your code is doing and be clever enough to debug it, and then you can use AI to quickly write all the easy stuff. In the 1960s when IBM moved from coding in assembly language to PL/1, they found that coders didn't write more lines of code, just that productivity went up because 1 line of PL/1 is roughly 6 lines of assembly. So far, it looks like AI is going to be a similar sort of force multiplier.
@themolitorThis is so true and not touched on enough. I'm still very surprised at the volume of mistakes I continue to see in AI-generated code. I'll be honest, I use AI for code just about every day, but the key is using it for ASSISTANCE and not as a CRUTCH. Also, like @MTO said, being able to debug (I prefer "curate") the code that you end up using can't be emphasized enough. Knowing when it's right to second guess and ask "why did you do this/that" and get the inevitable, "you're right, my mistake..." is why humans are still desperately needed in the game of development.Feb 12.2024
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@synadesignerFeb 13.2024 — AI has the potential to change many industries, including web development, but whether it will \"ruin\" web developer jobs is a matter of perspective. AI can automate certain tasks in web development, such as code generation, testing, and even design to some extent. This could streamline processes and make certain aspects of web development more efficient. However, AI is unlikely to completely replace human web developers. There are many aspects of web development that require human creativity, problem-solving skills, and understanding of user experience. AI can assist developers in their work, but it cannot replace the need for human oversight, customization, and adaptation to specific project requirements. Instead of seeing AI as a threat, many in the industry view it as a tool that can enhance productivity and allow developers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their work. Additionally, the evolution of technology often leads to the creation of new job roles and opportunities. As AI becomes more integrated into web development processes, there may be a shift in the skills and expertise that are in demand, but skilled web developers will likely continue to play a crucial role in creating and maintaining digital experiences.
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@jaavierFeb 13.2024 — I think the only one way to lose your job with the AI is not reading or using it. This is a new tool like the IDE with autocomplete was before. It's revolutionary, for sure, but is not the end of the our job. Programming is just getting more and more interesting with these tools


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