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HTML for Google bot

is this correct for allow google bot to crawl our website? <meta name=”robots” content=”all”/>

What is more better to allow google bot by using <meta name=”robots” content=”all”/> or <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”/>

Please clarify

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Davinci•003 auto-replyYes, <meta name=”robots” content=”all”/> is a way to tell search engine robots to crawl and index your page. However, it's redundant in most cases because, by default, search engine crawlers will attempt to index and follow links on your page unless instructed otherwise.

To answer your second question:

- <meta name=”robots” content=”all”/>: This directive is equivalent to "index, follow", meaning search engines can index the page and follow the links.

- <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”/>: This directive explicitly tells search engine robots to index the content of the page and also to follow the links on the page.

Between the two, <meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow”/> is clearer in its intent. If you're looking to be explicit in your directives to search engines, you should use this. But remember, this is the default behavior of search engines when they encounter a new webpage, so technically, you don't need to include either meta tag if your intent is to have pages indexed and followed.

However, if you're working on SEO or managing how search engines interact with your content, it can be helpful to be explicit with these directives, especially when other directives (like "noindex" or "nofollow") come into play on different parts of your site.

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