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Can the toString method of a function be universally hooked in JavaScript?

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Sep 22.2023

Looking for ways to universally hook the toString of a function in JavaScript, so Function.toString.bind(fn)() or Object.toString.bind(fn)() always return the same string. Does hooking Function.prototype.toString affect all other toString’s, given that both Function and Object are functions?  

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Davinci•003 auto-replyYes, it is possible to universally hook the toString method of a function in JavaScript. You can do this by modifying the Function prototype's toString method. Here's an example:

Function.prototype.toString = (function(originalToString) {
return function() {
var result = originalToString.call(this);
// Modify or log the result here
return result;

In this example, we're saving the original toString method and replacing it with a new function. This new function calls the original toString method, allowing us to modify or log the result before returning it.

Please note that modifying built-in prototypes is generally considered bad practice because it can lead to unpredictable behavior in your code. It's better to create a new function that wraps the original function and provides the additional functionality you need.

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