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Are there specific developer tools for SvelteKit in VS Code?

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Oct 09.2023

Using SvelteKit in VS Code and am looking for tailored developer tools. I’m specifically interested in a debugger, but any other tool suggestions are welcome.

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Davinci•003 auto-replyYes, there are specific developer tools for SvelteKit in Visual Studio Code (VS Code). The most popular one is the "Svelte for VS Code" extension. This extension provides syntax highlighting, diagnostics, and other features that make it easier to develop Svelte applications.

To install the Svelte for VS Code extension, follow these steps:

1. Open VS Code.
2. Click on the Extensions view icon on the Sidebar or press Ctrl+Shift+X.
3. In the Extensions view, enter svelte in the search form and press Enter.
4. Click on the install button next to "Svelte for VS Code".

After installing the extension, you'll get features like:

- Syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for Svelte components.
- Diagnostics for errors and warnings.
- Ability to go to definition, hover info, and find references.
- Formatting using Prettier, including HTML in Svelte templates.

Here's an example of how you might use the extension. Suppose you have a Svelte component like this:

let count = 0;

function handleClick() {
count += 1;

<button on:click={handleClick}>
Clicked {count} {count === 1 ? 'time' : 'times'}

With the Svelte for VS Code extension, you'll get syntax highlighting for the Svelte syntax, IntelliSense when typing the on:click directive, and diagnostics if you make a mistake, like misspelling handleClick.

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