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add a payment method with credit card in laravel

i just want to know how can i connect with the payment revolut api and where should i stock the response in the db

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@Yussuf4331Apr 08.2024 — Can you please guide me on the steps
@undefinedauthorIn the client side should pay an amount he chooses so after payment i should generate an invoice for it, thats why i want to know how the revolut api response is so i can make sure that the payment is proceed before the invoice is generatedApr 09.2024
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@EfonApr 18.2024 — To connect with the Revolut API for payments, you'll first need to sign up for a Revolut Business account and obtain API credentials. Once you have your credentials, you can use them to authenticate your requests to the Revolut API.

As for storing the response from the Revolut API in your database, it depends on your specific use case and requirements. Generally, you'll want to store relevant information from the API response in your database for record-keeping and future reference. This could include transaction details, customer information, and any other data that's important for your business processes.

You can store the response data in your database by creating a table or collection to hold the information. Consider the structure of the data returned by the Revolut API and design your database schema accordingly. Make sure to handle data securely and follow best practices for database management to ensure the integrity and security of your data.


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