Paul Andrew

Full-stack Developer
UX Engineer
I'm the owner of Speckyboy, an online magazine for web designers. We love sharing new resources and tools and highlighting new, innovative techniques.
Inverness, Scotland


When Should You Use WordPress Full Site Editing?

It’s safe to say that Full Site Editing (FSE) is one of the most important features to come to WordPress in some time. You may even compare it to the advent of themes themselves, which were added back in version 1.5 of the content management system. The premise of FSE is that it allows anyone […]

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WordPress Tips & Plugins for Those “Oh $#!%” Moments

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. We work hard to build a flawless website (in our eyes, anyway), and then a client comes along with a “suggestion” that blows it all to bits. Then there are those times when we make a boneheaded mistake that means having to rip things […]

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The Challenges of WordPress’ Massive Market Share

There’s no doubt that WordPress rules the roost among content management systems (CMS). It has grown so much and for so long that even a small drop in market share is considered noteworthy. Being the top dog has plenty of benefits. WordPress enjoys an extensive plugin and theme ecosystem, a dedicated community, and a good […]

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8 CSS Snippets That Demonstrate the Power of Shadow Effects

Where would web designers be without CSS? It wasn’t so long ago that something as simple as a drop shadow required the use of graphics. Now, it’s a matter of writing a line or two of code. That’s great for adding some basic effects to your text and containers. But it’s also possible to go […]

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A Guide to Choosing the Right WordPress Block Plugins

Among the top features of the WordPress Gutenberg block editor is the ability to add new blocks at any time. This allows us to implement additional types of content and functionality on an as-needed basis. This is contrary (in theory, at least) to the many page builder plugins on the market. They tend to bundle […]

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8 Fun 3D Features You Can Recreate with CSS & JavaScript

Adding 3D features to your website has never been easier. Thanks to advancements in CSS and JavaScript, there are now built-in methods and frameworks for doing so. What’s more, these powerful tools open up the door to some serious creativity. And while 3D animation is widely-used, a third dimension can be utilized in other ways. […]

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