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I manage an ad network called Carbon. I also write about macros, workflows, and automation on my personal site at
Batam, Indonesia


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Published my first blog post with Blogspot. I've written a wide range of topics since that day — from minimalism, automation, and HTML/CSS.
How to design a grid pattern background with CSS

One of the techniques to make your site look better is adding a background pattern. I particularly like the squared notebook pattern found in Moleskine. It also creates a beautiful background if you layer it with a gradient image. Here is how you can do it with CSS. body { height: 100vh; background: #111; background-image: […]

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Things you can do if you feel stuck while learning how to program

My job doesn’t require me to code every day. Still, I enjoy building my blog and putting together some Python and Ruby scripts to assist me with my daily tasks of reviewing thousands of sites in the ad network I manage. Being in this position means I can relate to the struggle of people learning […]

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